Bridging the Gaps: MFA Candidate Leighann K. Wood

Image on the back of Leighann K. Wood's business card. February 9, 2011. (Photo Credit: Tempestt Hazel)

We all know about the sessions of the CAA Conference through the conference program–but what about the people filling the seats of the sessions? Who are they? In an effort to answer this question, I randomly asked welcoming faces sprinkled around the CAA to answer a few simple questions about themselves, what brings them to the conference and why they chose to pursue art history and scholarship. I will be conducting several of these interviews at random throughout the weekend.

Leighann K. Wood, Graduate Student of Library and Information Science, Information and Arts Consultant, Denver Colorado, First year attending CAA Conference

Tempestt Hazel: What brings you to the CAA Conference?

Leighann K. Wood: I did my undergraduate in Art History at West Michigan University. Then I moved out to Denver and I just started my Masters of Library and Information Management program at Emporia State University. I’m basically trying to incorporate the art world within more text-based institutions, bring more of that visual bridge into libraries and connecting those multi-cultural communities that don’t have the access that they need. For instance, a lot of museums have educational programs for kids but they leave those adults out. So, I’m trying to work towards that.

TH: What sessions and events are you excited about?

LW: Actually anything technology-based. I resisted that during my [time as an] undergrad.

TH: When you say technology-based, what do you mean exactly?

LW: Technology-based meaning blogs or wiki—even art databases. Especially in the art community, they think they need to know how to use it efficiently and not resist it because it’s here to stay.

TH: Finally, why art history? What is it that you love about art?

LW: Everything. I’m a visual learner so I think that the most appealing thing [about it] to me is the community that it brings together. I really want to transpose that into my own life but also bring it into my own community.

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