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Slow start

Fair warning, I began composing this post on the way into New York and completed the last paragraph nearly 10 hours later on my trek back after the reception at the Met. Hence the strange shifts in time…

I’ll be honest, I’ve got conference envy. As the conference proceedings have begun in full swing, I’ve been in teacher / student mode. After holding my class this morning, gathering last minute conference items I am happily writing from the commuter train to New York. I am arriving in time to get registered and head up to the Centennial reception at the Met. Super excited to see the Temple of Dendur all dressed up!

In all of the bustle of the beginning of term I haven’t been able to give particular attention to the conference sessions and events I’d like to attend. This evening on the commute back, I spent time making selections from the conference agenda and plan to hit the ground running Friday. Beginning the day with the “Parallel Practices: When the Mind Isn’t Focused on Art” with Janine Antoni, Vija Celmins, Petah Coyne, Robert Gober, and Philip Taaffe. In the afternoon visiting several sessions, including “Where is Tradition in American Studio Craft?” and “Us and It: Sculpture and the Critique of Display Cultures.” I’ll be sure to be stopping by the Student Lounge and ARTspace too…ah, so much!

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Conference Eve!

So here we are on the eve of the 99th CAA conference and the Centennial year kick-off. Looking over the conference schedule one can’t help but feel inadequate knowing there is no possible way to take everything! Though, there is some consolation in the creation of this blog. I feel this will be one of the great features of the whole event, as I and my fellow intrepid bloggers hit the conference we are sure to stumble upon events and conversations that cannot be planned, and then share them with conference goers and those that are living vicariously through the blog.

This being my first CAA conference I am really excited to see firsthand the “nature of the beast.” As a current graduate student this will also allow a glimpse into career paths and opportunities without the stress of being “on the market.” I look forward to learning about everything that CAA has to offer for students and recent graduates that I can take advantage of in the coming years.

Besides blogging, I have been able to participate in the conference through the CAA NY Area MFA Exhibition (shameless plug), and one of the many exhibitions associated with this year’s conference. So please stop by Hunter College/Times Square Gallery Friday evening 6-9p to see artwork area MFA students.

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